Lake Master Products Co.
Lake Master Products Co.
Manufacturer of "Sure Rise" Surfacing Sinkers


Lake Master "sure rise"  Surfacing sinkers.
Welcome! We would like to introduce you to our unique fishing products.
Our sinkers are designed for fishermen who like to bait fish from the shore of their favorite
lake or stream.
"Sure Rise" Surfacing sinkers have a lot of great benefits built into them...

* They are heavy out of the water, but lighter in the water. This provides greater casting
distance. The built in buoyancy allows enjoyment with even small catches.

*It stands up on the bottom, keeping bait above rocks and weeds where fish are feeding.

*Its a surfacing sinker!  When retrieving your line the sinker will rise to the surface virtually
eliminating snags where loss of tackle usually occurs.

"Once you try 'em, you'll never want to fish without 'em"

Lake Master Products Co. P.O. Box 1848 Durango, Co. 81302  (970)259- 4763